an orange tabby cat lying in a cardboard box

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Do you have cats at home? Or are you a cat lover? If yes, then you must know how much cats love boxes. Even if you have watched the cute videos, you must be well aware of the obsession of cats with boxes. You must have seen hundreds of videos when the cats climb inside different shapes and sizes of boxes. They enjoy sleeping in the cardboard boxes, tearing them up, hiding inside them, and pouncing on them. Whether it is a litter box or an empty box, they are all alluring for your feline friends.

But what attracts cats towards boxes? Well, there are a number of reasons as to why cats love boxes!

Let’s explore seven of them in detail.

Boxes Provide Security and Safety

Security and safety are the major reasons why cats love boxes. It is a place where they feel quite safe. The enclosed space that the cats get inside a cardboard box provides them with a feeling of more safety and security.

Moreover, the little felines believe that their predators cannot find them or sneak on them when they are in the box. Cats also do possess a natural hunting instinct. So, hiding within the boxes gives them the feeling that they are in a safe place to easily watch out and hunt for their prey.

Boxes Provide Personal Shelter

You may have a huge apartment or a condo, but it is just not enough for your feline friend. If you are well aware of the personalities and nature of cats, then you must know that they are territorial. That means they like creating their territory and living in it. The cardboard boxes provide them with a personal shelter within your big home.

Moreover, it is quite interesting how cats like to fit into spaces that you may think are very small for them. They simply enjoy the small spaces and consider the boxes their perfect shelter.

Boxes are Fun

Have you ever noticed the toddlers and young kids playing with the large cardboard boxes at home? They love hiding inside it. Moreover, they also create trains if there is more than one box. They may even turn the cardboard box upside down in order to create a fort. They have a fun time playing with the boxes. Just like the small kids, boxes are fun for the cats. The boxes are a source of entertainment for your cats. They jump on it, claw it, smack it, and push over it.

Boxes are Warm

Warmth is another reason why the furry felines love cardboard boxes. Cats usually feel more comfortable in warm temperatures. You must have noticed that cats love laying in the sun or sitting by the fireplace at your home. It is because they like being in warm and cozy places. The cardboard boxes can provide your cats with the warmth they are looking for.

Owing to adequate insulation, the boxes help retain the normal body temperature that ranges from 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Especially in the chilly winters, when the ground is quite cold, cats prefer sleeping inside the cardboard boxes that keep them warm and cozy.

Boxes are an Excellent Place to Sleep

Are you planning to get expensive beds for your feline friend? Well, do not waste money on that! Instead, get a simple cardboard box, and it will be the best place for your cat to sleep. It may be a simple cardboard box for you. However, your cat views it as a luxury cave that can provide it with optimum protection and warmth. Boxes are indeed the favorite sleeping place for cats.

According to studies, cats do sleep for about 18 hours a day. In order to get a nice sleep, your feline friends lookup for a perfect spot. There cannot be a better spot for the cats than the cardboard boxes. Inside the box, your cats can easily curl up and comfortably relax.

Cats are Curious

Cats are known to be curious creatures. When a new package arrives at your place, you get very curious about it. However, what is more, interesting is that they are not much eager to know about the item but the box in which your parcel came. They may simply start hanging out and jumping inside the box in order to explore if it’s something exciting and new.

Boxes are Good for Chewing and Scratching

In addition to being curious, cats are also notorious scratchers. They like sharpening their claws on the carpets, couch, and even curtains. Moreover, the furry felines also enjoy the manner in which their little claws sink into the cardboard boxes. The texture of the cardboard boxes makes them an entertainment element for the cats. Some cat owners simply get the boxes so that their cats can scratch, chew, and tear the cardboard boxes into pieces. It may sound quite unusual for you, however, it is true.

Boxes Provide Stress Relief

Yet another significant reason why your cats love boxes is that they provide them with relief from stress. Cats can get afraid due to loud noises in your house, new people, and other animals in such situations, they lookout for a place to hide. The small, dark space within the cardboard boxes offers relief to the cats from stress and fear. As there is just one opening, they feel more at ease.

Moreover, you bring home a little kitten for the first time, there are chances that the kitten may feel threatened. In such cases, the cardboards boxes allow them to adjust better in the new and unknown environment. Initially, they will run into the boxes and find their comfort. Then gradually, they tend to become familiar with your home.


Cats are one of the most fun and interesting pets you can have. After knowing the many reasons cats love cardboard boxes, their obsession may make sense to you. Cardboard boxes provide warmth to the cats and help in relieving their stress. Moreover, the boxes are also an entertainment element for them. So, get the simple boxes and delight your feline friends.

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