Hide & Scratch Combo Cat Lounger and Scratcher Box


Hide & Scratch Combo Cat Lounger and Scratcher Box


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Hide & Scratch Large Durable Cardboard Cat Lounger and Scratcher with Replaceable Scratch Pad Insert.

Available in Multiple Colors.

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You and your cat both deserve a box you love!!

The Hide & Scratch combo cat lounger and scratcher box combines what cats love about cardboard boxes and cat scratchers into one - and doesn't look like you forgot to take the recycling out!!

The Hide & Scratch combo cat lounger and scratcher box was designed to be a "better box" than your ordinary shipping box - meeting all of your cat's needs and also yours:

  • DESIGNED FOR INSTINCTS: This cat scratcher and lounge box is designed to meet your cat's needs (a place to hide, scratch, stay safe from predators, and stay warm)
  • THICK SCRATCHING PAD: The Hide & Scratch Lounger comes with 1" thick heavy-duty replaceable corrugated cardboard scratching pad
  • EXTRA HIGH SIDES: With 7.5" sides, this box is much deeper than others on the market - the high sides gives your cat a place to rest their head, scratch their face, or stay better hidden!
  • HOME DÉCOR DESIGN: The Hide & Scratch is printed to fit into any home décor color scheme - no more ugly boxes laying around!
  • ECO FRIENDLY: The Hide & Scratch is 100% high-grade corrugated cardboard, which is sturdy and recyclable
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: The Hide & Scratch is proudly manufactured in Columbus, Ohio
  • BUILT FOR ALL CATS: With dimensions of 16" x 13" x 7.5" even the largest "chonks" have room to curl up inside!

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions16 × 1 × 2 in

Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Pink

16 reviews for Hide & Scratch Combo Cat Lounger and Scratcher Box

  1. N

    Customer service is absolutely amazing! The boxes are sturdy and my cat would hardly let me assemble it fully before hopping in to try it out!

  2. Laurie G

    Boys Love It!

    I bought several and all the cats are enjoying them. Bonkers in particular sleeps in it all the time, I think because it’s deep and feels safe to him. He was declawed when we got him and the corrugated pad is now his favorite place to scratch.

    Hide & Scratch Combo Cat Lounger and Scratcher Box
  3. Barbara B.

    Discreet box which pleases my cat. It’s both box and scratching mat….a double treat.

  4. Jasper

    After years and years of cleaning up shredded cardboard everywhere, a simple solution. This carton contains any and all scratching debris. Take note: the (better quality) honeycomb floor does not disintegrate easily; it lasts forever. Finally, it is one of the kitties’ favorite spots for naps.

  5. Thomas

    Both my cats love this. Best part is with the high carboard walls less cardboard gets on my carpet and less vacuuming. I’ll be buying one or two more for sure!

  6. Lisa D.

    My kitties love hiding in their new scratch pad and I like it as it keeps floor clean.

  7. Aaron G.

    It’s a cardboard scratch pad with a high walled box around it. The box is sturdy and easy to assemble. If your cat likes cardboard boxes and cardboard scratch pads this is the perfect combination of the two!

  8. Kiki

    My cat LoVEs this. She likes to sit in it while i am working. Helps keep her off my keyboard.

  9. Amy

    I’ve got a chonky girl (16 lbs). She fits comfortably in this box and loves it. Great purchase

  10. Jenna

    I bought this box as a replacement to one from a big name store that had fallen apart. I am so happy that I found a small business to support!

    This box is prettier, seems more durable, and has a larger scratching surface than the old box. My cat loves it and hopped inside as soon as it was assembled. Once the other cat wakes up for the day, he will love it as well!

  11. Eks

    Our big fluffy ragdoll loves this thing.

  12. Natalie

    Cat loooooves it

  13. bch

    Both our kitties think these boxes are the best. They love to sit in them and sleep in them and even fight over them.

  14. Katy N.

    I wanted something for my cat to use to scratch on since she stays inside most of the time. Limbs did not work nor did scratch toys. She loved this box. As soon as I put it together she got in it and started scratching. She still loves it.

  15. K. Duffy

    My cats loves cardboard scratchers and boxes to curl up in for naps. She especially loved this one because it has higher sides than the previous box bed she shredded so she could hide in this one especially if there was a pillow on top of it. The downside of cardboard scratchers is if your cat vomits on them it isn’t really possible to clean it all up especially to a cat’s satisfaction and you’ll find yourself having to spend another $30 on cardboard because your cat will keep giving you sad eyes because she misses her new box but it had vomit in it and she has a sensitive nose so she can’t ever touch it again.

  16. Elizabeth H.

    My cat, Cocoa, knew immediately what to do with this box when I set it down on the floor in a corner of the room: he sniffed it, jumped inside it and started scratching. The more he scratched, the more he liked it. Finally, he curled up in it and took his nap. Now, often when I call for him, he will be right in his box and watching me from there

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