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Premium Silvervine Sticks with Gall Fruit Powder (12 ct)

Premium Silvervine Sticks with Gall Fruit Powder (12 ct)

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Silvervine (Actinidia polygama), also known as "matatabi" is native to the mountainous regions of East Asia. Known for its distinct silver-white leaf markings and white flowers, Silvervine has been used for centuries in Asia not only as a cat stimulant but also for medicinal uses.

Typical cat behaviors associated with smelling silver vine include sedation, hyperactivity, rolling, and licking. The use of silver vine for cats is common in some Asian countries, and a cat’s reaction to it is known as the “matatabi dance.” Matatabi literally means “travel again” in Japanese and is also a nickname for silver vine since it causes some cats to wiggle around on the floor.

Unmatched Natural Appeal: Hide & Scratch Silvervine sticks are sourced from high-altitude regions in East Asia, offering a pure and potent experience. Each stick is naturally appealing to cats due to the potent scents that are more effective and stimulating than catnip.

Promote Physical and Mental Health: Silvervine is scientifically proven to elicit a strong euphoric response in cats, helping reduce their stress and anxiety while encouraging playful behavior. Perfect for indoor cats needing additional stimulation.

Dental Hygiene Enhancer: Regular use of Silvervine sticks helps maintain oral health by naturally scraping teeth clean of plaque and tartar as your cat chews. This physical action also aids in digestion by promoting necessary chewing and saliva production.

Safe for All Cats: Suitable for nearly all cats, our sticks are ideal for kittens over 8 months (younger cats are unlikely to be affected by silvervine), adults, and seniors. Each stick encourages the natural 'matatabi dance', an ecstatic play response providing fun and exercise.



  • Introducing Silvervine sticks to your cat is easy and safe. Start by allowing your cat to explore the stick under your supervision to prevent any accidental ingestion of small pieces
  • Regularly refresh the stick by peeling away the chewed outer layer to renew its appeal.
  • Replace short sticks with new ones to prevent choking
  • Monitor your cat to ensure they don't ingest fragments or small pieces that could cause obstructions
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